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This episode is graced by two wonderful guests Dr. Willie Jolley and his wife, Dee. Dr. Willie is a best-selling author and hall of fame speaker.
The latest book from Dr. Willie Jolley and wife Dee is called, Make LOVE, make MONEY, make IT LAST, and it has got all the information you need to know about marriage or to save yours from the rocks, and that’s what we’ll talk about in the show.
Who better to give you advice than a couple that hasn’t argued in 30 years?

* [4:28] If it’s true Dr. Willie Jolley and Dee have not had an argument over 30 years and how that’s possible.
* [6:20] Why they were inspired to write the book.
* [7:30] Information in the book for unmarried people.
* [10:20] Different reasons people get married.
* [13:26] Top 3 issues that break up marriages.
* [14:01] What sex means for women.
* [14:47] The only two things that men need.
* [16:18] Impact of a man being disrespected by a woman in a relationship.
* [19:29] How to handle disagreements.
* [23:41] Different people the book applies to.
* [26:19] How communication affects everything.
* [27:31] How a relationship progresses when people are talking but no one is listening.
* [31:00] Dealing with insecurity and self-esteem issues.
* [36:16] Advice for those in search for the right mate.
* [43:04] Hope for those who think are in unrecoverable situations in marriage.


* Learn how to disagree without being disagreeable. – Dr. Willie Jolley and Dee Taylor-Jolley
* The best decision you’ll ever make next to your faith is who you marry. – Dr. Willie Jolley and Dee Taylor-Jolley
* If you don’t know how to talk to the person you love then you are miserable. – Dr. Willie Jolley and Dee Taylor-Jolley
* Talking is different than communicating. – Dr. Willie Jolley and Dee Taylor-Jolley
* It takes 5 minutes to get married and about 25 years to figure out how to be happy in marriage. – Dr. Willie Jolley and Dee Taylor-Jolley
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Dr. Willie Jolley and Dee Taylor-Jolley on the Inspiration Behind Their Book
Our son really pushed us to write this book because all of his friend’s parents fought and they didn’t believe that his parents got along so well. On our 30th anniversary, we just invited a lot of people over to eat pizza. We just started having a conversation and giving tips. That is kind of how the idea for the book got started.
Top Issues that Break Up Marriages
Sex, money, and bad communication are some of the main reasons marriages never survive. Those are the three big boulders – the three big bombs that blow up a marriage. Typically a man and woman want the same thing but how they get it is different.  You have to respect one another and never try to control the other person.
The Impact of a Woman Disrespecting a Man
Since men are more masculine this can really be a big issue and be taken very personally. When a woman disrespects a man it is like death by a thousand little cuts.
It’s the tone of your voice, how you look when you talk to the person – you can have an uncomfortable conversation or difficult conversations without hitting below the belt. You have to learn how to disagree respectfully in different situations.
This Book Applies to any Kind of Interaction
Everyone should get a copy of this book as it really can apply to anybody. If you would like to have better human interaction than this book is for you. This book can have a great impact on business owners.

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