Episode 26- Electroconvulsive Therapy (ECT)

03.12.2018 - By Psych Essentials

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In the first episode of our series on somatic treatments in psychiatry, we will discuss electroconvulsive therapy, otherwise known as ECT. ECT is one of the few procedures used in psychiatry. Despite its excellent safety record and remarkable efficacy for treating many psychiatric disorders, there is still significant stigma around ECT. We’ll dispel some of the myths around ECT and explain how ECT differs from the sensationalized portrayals of ECT in the media. We’ll discuss its uses in psychiatry, focusing particularly on treatment-resistant depression. We’ll also review the medical evaluation in ECT and side effects of ECT including general medical risks and cognitive side effects.

Photo Credit: Thomas Hawk, “I Think I’ll Park It Here,” Flickr
Episode Music Credits: Javier Suárez, Tumbling Dishes, Better With Music

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