Electronic Voice Phenomena (EVP) | Vicki Talbott: Ep. 7 - Part 2 | S1

02.19.2021 - By Life Continuing

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Vicki explains the EVP (Electronic Voice Phenomena) classification system as found at atransc.org and also plays some EVP that she has captured from her son Braden, his best friend Jim who passed away with him in the kayaking accident, and another young man named Derrick who had been non verbal during his life.
Listen to Part 1 for the history of EVP, Vicki’s first EVP from her son, and how pets can also come through this mode of communication.
welcometoeternity.com (https://welcometoeternity.com/)
atransc.org (https://atransc.org/)
Creator: Tania Berg
Advisor: Amanda Cupido
Music: Richard Feren
Editor: Cathy Ord

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