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12.31.2015 - By Spaceman’s Transmissions

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Greetings. If this posting title seems a bit apocalyptic (or cryptic), well, it kind of is. I've done a lot of deep thinking over the last few months and I've decided that it's time to send the spaceman home and end the mission. It's been a fun journey, and the experience of creating mixes and meeting people has been unreal. I have to say, that I really only set out to make a few mixes, maybe have a blog for about a year at the most, and move on. ----more----It turned out to be a bit more than that, and the time and effort that I put into making it (somewhat) successful has been very overwhelming at times. I really enjoy making the mixes, finding the tunes within my library, listening, working on the site, and so on and so forth. It was kind of a test to see if I even had an aptitude to do such a thing (many, many thanks to Dave Michuda for getting me up and running due to the endless inquiries). Still not sure if I have the aptitude for it all, but I really enjoyed it.

I believe that in the last year my work and promotion seemed a bit sterile and to be a one-man operation was not yielding what I had hoped. My initial wish was at one point to do all of this as collaborative affair, but it never worked out that way. I believe that's why I was so happy to host sessions from others; it gave me a chance to build relationships within this world that would not exist otherwise. The most rewarding part was communicating with someone from the other side of the world (and sometimes having language barriers) about something that both of us were equally excited about: the music! Without others, I would have quit this long ago. I'm just as excited creating the last mix as I was the first, no kidding. But now I feel as though I need an extended hiatus to recapture many things that are (were?) important to me (like playing non-stop with my kids, playing my guitar for hours on end, going to bed on time, exercising regularly, finishing my degree (very, very close), writing my own music and recording (and getting better at it), fishing, reading novels, etc., etc., etc........). I believe that it's best that I step away for at least a bit before it all becomes uninspiring. You know, kind of end on a least a bit of a high note.

With this final mix, I wanted to introduce some moods and sounds that have really captured my ears and encouraged me offer the best that I can as a swan song. For this reason, I chose to make my last session just a little bit long, but not too long that you will lose focus. That was always the intent of my mission.

I got a lot of my co-workers listening and hooked on ambient music and digging on my mixes during our hours long drives, and for that I'm very proud of my accomplishment. A few of them are hooked, and I supply them with tasty new sessions that they talk with me about. It's kind of ridiculous; I'm a  professional touring musician (my 'work' is very contradictory to my ambient sessions) playing with the highest caliber artists in the world and this minimal world is very comfortable for me. I was told (often) that I had become the 'sleep DJ' guy. Kind of proud of that!

Anyhow, that's it. If there is anyone in cyberspace that enjoyed what I did, I'm very pleased to have given you peace. Time will tell if getting this up and going again is a valid hobby for me. I just may, but I need to re-calibrate my thoughts and priorities.

It goes without saying that I definitely appreciated the support from the many amazing people within the community of listeners. As always, support the artists. 

Turn on, tune in, sleep...






















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