EP#47 - FAST BUCKS CHALLENGE 3 - Can we pilot a successful service based business in less than a month?

09.22.2020 - By The Livelihood Podcast

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Tune in as we discuss our latest harebrained scheme to spin a profit with a new business idea in less than a month. This time we're talking about a service based business utilising QR codes to encourage people to book in services near their houses, and when we say services, we mean car washing. Yep that's right, the adventure capitalists are starting a car washing business. Well actually, it's a pilot for a business model, but we will probably end up cleaning a few cars down the way. 
Join us as we brainstorm how we could structure the business to be scalable, and how we could grow this passively, beyond our own involvement or fall flat on our faces for all to see :)

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