Equestrian Adventuresses: Italy, Your Next Riding Destination

01.11.2022 - By Horse Radio Network All Shows Feed

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Italy, home to pasta, pizza, wine, and some pretty amazing horseback riding opportunities. In today's podcast, we are looking at riding in the northern part of Italy.  Many riding opportunities are available in the heart of Chianti in the Tuscany region. For those looking for a multi-day ride or just a lesson, there is something for everyone. Many riding facilities offer lessons for all riding levels from beginner onwards. A don't forget about the food and wine you will enjoy while riding in the beautiful Italian countryside. Italy- Native Horses The Maremma is a native horse breed found in an Italian region in the south of the Toscana, claimed to be the only true Italian horse breed. The riders working the cattle are called butteri, and the Maremma horse they are riding is also called Maremma. We find here some similarities with the Iberian cowboys the Spanish vaqueros, and Portuguese vaqueiros and campinos and with the French Camargue horses and riders. These are the last remnants of European cowboys, their traditions almost lost, but some idealists still cling to them; with their special type of equipment, and their regions special breeds of cattle. Italy – What you will eat in Tuscany When you’re dining in Tuscany, a restaurant or family home, there will be a meal that everyone loves. Starting with Crostini Toscani, a chicken liver pate on toasted bread right to the end of the meal with a delicious Castagnaccio cake filled with olive oil, walnuts, raisins and more. There are many dishes you won’t want to miss when touring this beautiful part of the world. don’t forget to make sure you also have your corkscrew with you as the wine will be plentiful. Our Hosts today: Heather (Canada) Ute (Germany) Don’t forget to check out the resources section in this article! HighlightsMaremma Horses and the ButteriItalian Wine and CuisineFamily HolidaysChianti regionThank you for tuning in and happy trails!Support the show (https://www.patreon.com/user?u=87421)

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