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Welcome to! We create short, erotic audio stories for women and couples. Bringing your most intimate fantasies to life.
This audio porn podcast if for you, to listen to samples of all of our stories. Go through the episodes to find out what turns you on: Sex in the outdoors, an affair with a stranger, a voyage into bondage and submission or a same sex encounter?
If you like what you hear and find yourself wanting more, go to and access your free account.
Here are some of the reasons why you should consider listening to audio erotica by Audiodesires:
For women, by women - 90% of women need scenario creation and a greater variety of sensual cues to get turned on.
For Couples - Listen together with your partner to get fired up. Some of our stories were explicitly recorded with couples in mind!
For any Taste - Romantic and gentle or wild and dirty? Straight, bi-sexual or queer stories with diverse themes.
To unwind or peak - You pick the story that suits your mood, tailored to your desires, your lust, your climax.
Premium Quality - We work with professional voice actors star spark your imagination.
We are no Grimy Porn Site - Our website was built by world-class designers and features no nudity.
You LOVE Audiodesires, if you are looking for:
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The Ranch Hand Pt. II - Cow...


Listen to the full story: In this erotic audio story, Rob the Ranch Hand is introduced to a reporter doing a spread for a local paper on the Agua Verde Ranch. While showing her around the Ranch, they get ...

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