EU to crack down on sweetheart corporate tax deals, TikTok injunction, Turkey central bank

09.24.2020 - By FT News Briefing

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Brussels steps up its campaign against sweetheart corporate tax deals in the EU, TikTok has asked a federal judge to prevent the Trump administration from blocking downloads of the video-sharing app, and the pandemic caused workers around the globe to lose more than $3.5tn of income. Plus, Turkey’s lira is struggling despite the government’s best efforts to lift the currency. The FT’s Laura Pitel explains if the country’s central bank can do anything about it. 

Brussels ready to clamp down on sweetheart corporate tax deals

TikTok requests injunction against ban deadline

Pandemic knocks a tenth off incomes of workers worldwide

Lira sinks even as Turkey spends billions of dollars to prop it up
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