Evan & Katelyn: How they work together to produce DIY content (Ep 22)

12.10.2021 - By The WTS with Steve Ramsey

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On March 24 2017, Katelyn and Evan posted their first video to a YouTube channel that they decided to call Evan and Katelyn.  In the first 20 seconds of their first video, they established their high energy lifestyle format and instantly became the cutest, giggliest DIY couple on the platform.   Evan and Katelyn's channel features a wide variety of fun, silly and useful DIY projects... everything from woodworking to metalworking,  candle making,  props, costumes, electronics, even cooking, and my personal favorites: their cat projects for Joobie, their cat and supurrvisor.   In addition to all the lifestyle content they create for their main channel, they have a litany of 5 smaller channels and they livestream on Twitch.   Visit Evan & Katelyn on YouTube: https://www.youtube.com/c/EvanAndKatelyn

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