Episode 13 | Everyone showed up, sort of

06.15.2018 - By Conversing In Vain

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Recorded 5-29-18

Wood didn't have his mic on for the first 6 minutes

Hitman road a train next to a smelly person

We talked about Neon's 26 year old boyfreind while he was in high school

Show talk: Deception and Safe

Why Battle Royale mode in VG is or is not fun

Roblox (Roadblocks)

For some reason we talked about rap drama... Posh Spice dissed Dr. Dre or something

PUBG suing Fortnite

Arrested Development

Verizon Buying AOL for >4 Billion

Tinker Talks about how awesome a Medieval BR would be (this is before we knew about Realm Royale)

Neon says "What the Fuck."

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