Evolution For Your Soul: The Journey Begins Within | Donna Boyle | S3 E1

11.23.2021 - By Life Continuing

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Donna Boyle is a Direct Messenger for Spirit, Medium, Author, and Teacher of Yoga, Meditation, and Consciousness. Her passion this lifetime is to support the current shift of soul consciousness. Donna’s connection to souls in the non-physical world has deepened her own spiritual practice and allowed her to step fully into her soul purpose in this lifetime. She currently works as a clear conscious channel for Spirit giving private and group readings, and teaching online Intuitive and Mediumship Development classes. Her book, The Universe Wants You to Remember: Inspiration and Intention from the World of Spirit, can be found on Amazon and Smashwords. Her writing is influenced by the musings of Spirit. You can follow Donna on all social media platforms.The journey begins within...evolutionforyoursoul.wordpress.com (https://evolutionforyoursoul.wordpress.com/)linktr.ee/DonnaBoyleMedium (https://linktr.ee/DonnaBoyleMedium)***************************LIFE CONTINUING Instagram:   @lifecontinuingpodcast (https://www.instagram.com/lifecontinuingpodcast/)   lifecontinuing.com (https://www.lifecontinuing.com/)   Creator: Tania Berg   Advisor: Amanda Cupido   Music: Richard Feren   Editor: Cathy OrdPromo VO: Leslie Fear

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