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04.17.2021 - By Ms Marvel Podcast from Defenders TV Podcast

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In the Falcon and The Winter Soldier Episode 5 Podcast we discuss "Truth", Sam weighs up his options as he waits for news about the Flag Smashers.

The Falcon and The Winter Soldier Episode 5 Synopsis

Episode Written by: Dalan Musson

Episode Directed By: Kari Skogland

After the bloody events in Riga, the Flag Smashers have gone to ground and Sam Wilson and Bucky Barnes demand that John Walker hands over the shield, but he refuses and in the ensuing fight Walker damages Bucky’s arm and breaks The Falcon’s wings. They ultimately recover the shield as they rally to defeat John Walker, breaking his arm in the process.

Given the seriousness of John Walker’s actions and the continued threat from the Flag Smashers  the GRC take over the investigation effectively benching Falcon and the Winter Soldier. Bucky leaves Latvia to track down Baron Zemo and he finds him in Sokovia, where he hands him over to the Dora Milaje to be imprisoned in the Raft.

Back in America John Walker receives an other than honourable discharge and is stripped of his role as Captain America. After his court hearing  he is approached by a lady in purple, Countessa Valentina Allegra de Fontaine, who encourages him to get in touch!

Meanwhile, Sam returns to Baltimore to see Isaiah Bradley to find answers to Bradley’s history and to try and understand what went wrong. Bradley lays bare his trauma and the complex relationship he has to the symbol that is Captain America and the shield. Sam returns home where he helps Sarah to repair the family fishing boat where he is joined by Bucky who delivers a case from the Wakandians to Sam.

Still trying to find meaning in all these questions raised by Isaiah, Sam talks with both his sister and Bucky about Steve, Captain America, the shield and what it means as a black man to be in that role as he weighs up his options.

Elsewhere the Flag Smashers have resurfaced in New York where, aided by Batroc who was hired by Sharon Carter, they plan their attack on the GRC conference.

Still reeling from his disciplinary hearing and his meeting with Lamar’s parents, John Walker is constructing a new shield!

The Falcon and The Winter Soldier Cast

* Sam Wilson played by Anthony Mackie* James Buchanan Barnes played by Sebastian Stan* Doctor Raynor played by Amy Aquino* Sarah Wilson played by Adepero Oduye* First Lieutenant Joaquin Torres played by Danny Ramirez* John Walker played by Wyatt Russell* Leah played by <a href="https://www.

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