Farley Elliott of Eater COVID-19 UPDATE

05.15.2020 - By Tacocity | Food Stories, Mexican Food & Cooking

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We sat down again (via phone) with EaterLA's editor Farley Elliott, to talk about the restaurant industry right now, the impact of the virus, and where he sees things going in the new normal we're about to enter.If you missed my original interview with Farley, you can find it here https://podcasts.apple.com/us/podcast/tacocity-food-stories-mexican-food-cooking/id1277314149?i=1000408576565You can find Eater's website here https://la.eater.com and if you're looking for articles specifically by Farley, you can find them all here https://la.eater.com/authors/Farley%2520ElliottTwitter www.twitter.com/eaterla & www.twitter.com/overoverunderInstagram www.instagram.com/eaterla & www.instagram.com/overoverunderFollow Tacocity on Twitter at www.twitter.com/tacocitypod and Instagram www.instagram.com/tacocitypod

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