Fashion Over 50 – It’s Not Always Pretty: 2BB 060

02.15.2016 - By 2 Boomer Broads Podcast

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Coming to you from the exclusive Lane Bryant Tea Room. The 2 Boomer Broads talk about fashion over 50.
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What do we do? What do we wear?
Sharone wears Birkenstocks and socks. Rebecca has been wearing big boat tennis shoes and loafers. (She sprained both feet last year) We both can’t see how women our age wear high heels.
Finding something that fits after 50
It’s almost impossible. Both Sharone and Rebecca are apple shapes and can’t find anything that doesn’t have a narrow middle. All they can wear are empire waists or moo moos. We can’t believe we’ve digressed to moo moos. Or the more chic caftan.
Dressing comfortable is great, but if you keep dressing that way your elastic waistband will eventually get tight.
What’s up with corsets? They’re big right now with the Kardashian clan. They’re hazardous to your health because the squeeze your internal organs, mess up your spine, and make you faint. Who needs that?
Fashion Over 50 Clothes
We’ve noticed that some clothing lines that specifically market to older women are UGLY! Big buttons, big snaps, what else do you want from us? The fabric looks like something we put on our couch in the 80’s.
Lane Bryant, Melissa McCarthy’s line, and Avenue offer nice clothes for larger women. Torrid is only for curvy young girls.
Being over 40 doesn’t mean you automatically have to cut your hair short. If you like long hair (like we do) make sure it’s not long hippie hair but is beautifully coiffed and color enhanced, if necessary.
Don’t be afraid to have colorful clothes. Black and white can make you look older and isn’t flattering for most people. However, color makes you look younger and more alive. Wear navy blue instead of black if you want to look thinner. A monotone colored top and bottom with a contrasting jacket will slim you down as well.
Rebecca’s mother was a color consultant and Rebecca will not go out of the house without her “winter” color palette because Mom is watching from above.
Don’t be afraid to be eccentric in the way you dress. Be YOU!
Back in the 60’s and 70’s we went bold and wore big prints. It was fun! There’s nothing wrong with being colorful and flashy as long as we don’t look like Bozo.
Break a few fashion rules as long as it’s appropriate for your age. Don’t be blah!
Shop with a fashion consultant if you need to.
Both Rebecca and Sharone hate shopping and wish their Mommies were still here to help them dress.
Dressing like a shlub affects your self-esteem. You can be comfortable without looking dumpy.
Just because you are embracing Grand-motherhood doesn’t mean you have to dress like your grandmother.
Lose the pumpkin sweaters.
Rebecca is terrorized by shop owners. She always buys stuff they tell her is cute and then hates it when she gets home.
The leakage problem
Rebecca prefers dresses because if she sneezes, she wets her pants. Sharone says, “There are products for that,” but Rebecca says she isn’t ready. She’d rather be in denial.
Fashion Over 50 Style Tips
Wear three quarter length sleeves to hide your arm flaps. That way your sleeves won’t land in your soup.
The best skirt length for women of ANY age is mid-knee.  Mid-shin makes you look like a stump. Too short looks cheesy. (Even though we loved our minis)
Rebecca makes fun of the weathercaster here in LA.  We won’t mention any names.
Ditch your Pantyhose
They’re a thing of the past. Tights are OK.
We miss wearing garter belts.
Current Trends
What’s with putting your dress on backward?
Have you seen the dresses at awards shows where the neckline dips down to the waist? Even older Broads are doing it.

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