Featuring Dr. Pam Popper: Conversations with Lee Fulkerson

07.07.2016 - By PlantPure Radio

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Dr. Pam Popper and Lee discuss the differences between a naturopath and an MD, her work for the Physicians Committee for Responsible Medicine, and how her work with the Sacramento Food Bank Project demonstrated that plant based nutrition is well within reach even for our nation's lower income citizens.  She also reveals how her organization, Wellness Forum Health, is revolutionizing our nation’s current healthcare model.  Dr. Popper also talks about her most recent book and her ambitious plans to spread the message of the benefits of plant-based nutrition in the future.  


Dr. Pam Popper is a naturopath, nutritionist, and the Executive Director of The Wellness Forum Health which offers educational programs to both consumers and providers that facilitate informed medical decision-making, diet and lifestyle intervention, and improved long-term health outcomes. Dr. Popper serves on the Physician’s Steering Committee and the President’s Board for the Physicians’ Committee for Responsible Medicine in Washington, D.C.  She was also one of the health care professionals involved in the famed Sacramento Food Bank Project. She has appeared in numerous documentaries, including Forks Over Knives, and is a New York Times bestselling author. Her most recent book is Food Over Medicine.

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