Featuring Scott Kashman: Conversations with Lee Fulkerson

05.05.2016 - By PlantPure Radio

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Lee Memorial Health System is one of the largest public health systems in the country.  Scott Kashman and Lee Fulkerson talk about Lee Memorial’s recent partnership with PlantPure Nation, and the whole concept of incorporating the paradigm of food as medicine into the present model of health care in Lee Memorial’s system and beyond.  They also discuss some of the obstacles the food as medicine paradigm is faced with and how they can be overcome.  Mr. Kashman shares his high hopes for the impact the partnership with PlantPure Nation will have on Lee Memorial, and how this success can have a positive influence on other communities and healthcare systems across America.

Scott Kashman is on the senior leadership team of the Lee Memorial Health System in Florida and the Chief Administrative Officer for Cape Coral Hospital.  He is responsible for managing Cape Coral Hospital’s strategy, operations and budget and provides oversight of the facility's leadership team in collaboration with the hospital and health system.

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