FETIDUS: The Damned Heir - EP19 (2010)

11.21.2010 - By James Durham Audiobooks - FETIDUS

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Thunder breaks on this dark, twisted
night of fate, and Episode 19 awaits hungry ears... as we spin wildly
towards the conclusion of FETIDUS: The Damned Heir. Join us here as we set the stage for the upcoming and final episode, as
Art Blanchard unwinds the mysteries of the Donners with his own fate on
the line. The journey is nearly complete... do world-changing answers
await, does Art finally solve the epic case that could change...
everything? Come inside and find out... Please feel free to share
FETIDUS far and wide if you enjoy it! After all, it's about making the
world a better place, isn't it? Well, you'll see. Click below to listen to FETIDUS: The Damned Heir - EP19:
Episode 19 (Chapters 48-51): 00:00 - Intro music and creditsThis
episode is read by the author and features the following voice talent:
Prebble Q Ramswell, Valerie Durham, Patrick Nugent and Matthew Wayne
Selznick. See CAST page for more details.01:57 - Chapter 48"Time is like looking through a warped lens under a hot sun..."
Reflection in the midst of despair...12:28 - Chapter 49"Dark clouds thundered nearby as if on cue..."
This had to end... now!25:36 - A word from our sponsor, XXX Hot Z.I.L.F.! XXX 27:12 - Chapter 50"...think like a Donner..."
Of recognition, a ray of light, and understanding...46:50 - Chapter 51"Maybe I had lost my mind..."
Getting to the bottom of a twisted mystery...50:58 - Outro Thanks for listening! If you enjoy this episode, please share it!

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