200: Season 3 Finale - A Tribute to Sydney Crain

08.27.2019 - By The Narrators

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Episode 200: Today we're going to do something a little different—to celebrate reaching 200 episodes, we're paying tribute to one of the people who has made all of this possible, our producer, Sydney Crain. Ron sat down with Sydney just before our live show last week, during the middle of a huge rainstorm, to ask about her favorite stories and memories from her time with the show.
In this episode, you'll hear clips of stories from Janae Burris, Ellen K. Graham, and Steven Burge, plus a full story told by Sydney at our "Framed" show in June 2019.
Sydney also sang our outro music for this episode—it's a clip from our special "Cover Story" show at the Underground Music Showcase earlier this summer, with Jobless on backup.
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