Finding Cures for Cabin Fever with The Next Generation on PBN

12.16.2018 - By The Prepper Broadcasting Network

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Finding Cures for Cabin Fever
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Cabin fever is a rare occurrence any more, but in a true grid-down SHTF scenario, it is a very real threat that will challenge your mental well-being, your sanity, and the sanity of your household. There are lessons we can learn from our own past to be prepared if things go south locally, regionally, or on a national scale.

On this episode of The Next Generation, we will be priming you on the possibilities you have in your own home that will keep you alert, able and active when the world boxes you in. Using historical case studies and what medical information is available, we will be sharing some of the best advice out there on what you and yours can do to keep spirits high and retain your sanity.

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