20: Four Interviews about my classes

09.15.2021 - By Move Better, Feel Great with Ace Morgan

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I interviewd four people that atend my four classes I do every week.
 I asked them what they have gotten out of the classes, how have they changed their lives, are they for everyone? Are they easy to follow?
I cant wait for you to hear about them as I have been doing these classes since we had our shelter in place, for over a year and a half now and I really feel like they are for EVERYONE, they clear the mind and body and you will have a better day becasuse of them. I make new muisic mix's every week and change the routine of the classes every month, each class has its own vibe, body weight, bands and dumbells, check it out! See you in class.
Feel free to eamil me about them at [email protected]
Thank You,

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