06.20.2017 - By Those Conspiracy Guys

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DEEP DIVE - On this episode we tie on the apron of inquisitiveness and flick through the ancient texts as we try to unravel the mystery behind one of the world most well known secret society, The Freemasons. With a very sketchy genesis story and connections to Satanism, The Illuminati and other unsavoury business and social practices The Freemasons have got a bad reputation in the latter half of the last century.The rituals and ceremony behind the Freemason order could be the reason so many people just dont understand what goes on in these secret halls of black and white. Wearing robes and going into a scret room with a chicken and a skull is freaky enough to be suspicious though, right? These ancient ritual practices are centuries old stemming from the story of one Hirma Abiff and his masonic fortitude.Coudl the secrets of King Solomons Temple be the reason the clandestine fraternity have all the power they have? Their members number 14 US Presidents and many high powered and wealthy businessmen. Secret handshakes abound in this episode as we try to uncover the true secret power behind Freemasonry and discover the history behind this much maligned arcane brotherhood. ________________________This podcast is supported by the generous donations of the wonderful folks over at Patreon. If you want to support the show and get exclusive content, ad-free episodes, access to live chats and private social media like Instagram and Discord and a whole load of other stuff click here you want to follow TCG on social platforms including the Discord, watch video versions of the livestream podcast and documentaries; or even join in on live chats about current events; buy TCG merch; get notifications of and buy tickets to upcoming live stage shows or to just support the show on Patreon; all the links, info and instructions you can find by clicking this link

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