Friendly robots a case analysis of short circuit

08.10.2019 - By Machine learning

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Saint 5 idealizes the dream robot of the 80s: self-programmable, machines building machines, visual recognition systems capable of independent symbol recognition duplicating WABOT robot hand on the piano. Dr. Crosby (in the likeness of Brooks) does not want to “Hob nose with the big wigs” and he would rather remain in the laboratory working and interacting with the MIT robotic hand. Cog #5 is shocked by a massive electric shock from static lighting bolt that traverses nearby power lines and traverses the lines too the generator connected to #5 and sparks loudly as the power enters the robot. The technicians examine #5 and access that everything checks out on the $16 million machine, “an ultimate solider, never ask questions”. #5 higher level control systems seem to be destroyed allowing #5 to roam. #5 roams off the base and when Dr Crosby types in the return code, nothing happens. #5 keeps responds back to Dr. Crosby, “need input-triangulation position”. People start becoming afraid but Dr. Crosby reminds the group, “robots just run programs; they are not alive”. Cpt. Schroader alarms the group when he discovers from Crosby the laser is still live, telling the group, “what if it melts down a bus load of nuns?”

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