FSS Episode 497: “A Quick Ad Formula thats Been Crushing It”

12.18.2018 - By Facebook Sales Strategies with Kim Walsh Phillips

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In this episode, Kim Walsh Phillips shares a great formula to help your ad copy to crush it! Kim talks about creating that ‘one big hook’, and the power of repeating the line at least 4 times to influence your fans to ‘click through’. This is a great episode to learn about creating a great hook (One Big Idea), campaigning the idea, and getting your ROI. Learn more at 3daysto10k.com.  Key Takeaways! 0:20 - Kim shares that they are moving and shaking and on the way back to Jersey.  0:45 -  Mistakes with Facebook Ads -  People often make them to wordy. It is one thing if you are writing a long forum post and are an amazing copywriter. But, most people are not great copywriters.  1:15 -  If you’re new to this and never wrote copy before. Kim suggests to repeat the Hook at least 4 times The Hook is the one big idea 1:50 -  Kim gives an example for their hook being - “How to get 10K Facebook fans in 72 hours” and increase ROI.  2:10 -  Kim mentions that their top performing and repeat that line 3 times.  2:40 -  Kim talks about coming up the hook and launching the campaign. People want to know who you are Targeting, What you are doing for them, and How quickly you are getting it done.  3:40 -  Kim talks about the power of outcome base Hooks, and repeating the line 3 times!  Resources Mentioned in this Episode   3daysto10k.com Facebook Page    

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