FSS Episode 503: “How are You Dealing with Your Current Customers"

04.22.2019 - By Facebook Sales Strategies with Kim Walsh Phillips

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In this episode, Kim Walsh Phillips talks about what her practice is to keep memberships going. Kim shares other outlets and reminders you can do to stay engaged with your customers and keep them in membership programs.  Key Takeaways! 0:20 -  Kim talks about her recent VIP retreat center event for the membership programs. Kim shares about the variety of entrepreneurs launching their platform.    1:10 -  Kim continues to shares about the provided masterclass for their members.  1:40 - Kim continues to share about the marketing outside of Facebook, with new letters and printed postcards.    2:00 - Kim talks about reminding the audience by doing Facebook lives for the masterclass. All these practices keep the membership going with your current customers.    Resources Mentioned in this Episode Powerful Professionals  Facebook Page

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