FSS Episode 482: How to Connect with Your Audience in an Authentic Way

07.11.2018 - By Facebook Sales Strategies with Kim Walsh Phillips

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In this episode, Kim talks about how Jenni Lyn Williams connects with her audience in an authentic way that brings her great success.  Key Takeaways!   One of their powerhouse members, Jenni Lyn Williams, the owner of Snarky Tea, had quite the success this past week.    Jenni was encouraged to try tea from her doctor because she had been drinking a lot of coffee after having her baby. When she went to look into different types of tea, she found that the names of the tea were very confusing and she knew that she could market tea better. She then went back to business school to create a tea brand that would be a just like the people it would serve: a little impolite, funny, and delicious.    This tea brand has really taken off, especially after securing an investment on Shark Tank from Kevin O’Leary and Bethenny Frankel.   She has been promoting her company organically, on Facebook and Instagram, reaching almost a million people for free!   In her posts, she is completely authentic and talks to her audience like she knows them. This creates a great dialog between herself and the clients.    Kim recently convinced her to start a subscription box program, and within the first 24 hours, all 45 boxes for July had sold out! The way she did this was by remaining authentic on social media and staying true to who she is and who her audience is.   You can get 10,000 Facebook fans in 3 days or less at 3daysto10k.com.    Resources Mentioned in this Episode   Snarky Tea: Website Facebook Instagram   How to get 10,000 Facebook fans in 3 days or less 3daysto10k.com

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