FSS Episode 502: “Images, Baby!"

04.19.2019 - By Facebook Sales Strategies with Kim Walsh Phillips

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In this episode, Kim Walsh Phillips talks about images! This is a great episode to learn about  how to save on cost for leads. Kims shares about changing images out on ads every 2 days to  save on cost per leads.  Learn more at audiencemagicwebcast.com   Key Takeaways! 0:20 -  Kim talks about their battle to get leads into their weekly webcast. Kim shares that they are running a weekly webinar call “The Audience Magic System.” This is about quickly turning your audience into to a list of buyers.  0:46 -  Kim continues to share that when they first started leads cost about 8 bucks a piece, and kept creeping up in cost to about 17 bucks. Then, they would change the images and cost would back down again, and over and over. Kim decided to change images every two days.  1:15 - Kim talk about how cost would go down dramatically with 2 day image changes! The webcast mentioned is at audiencemagicwebcast.com 1:40 - Kim continues to share that their cost per lead went from 13 dollars to 4.44 dollars.  2:00 - Kim suggests to bring lead cost down on Facebook, batch your images and use the same  ad copy. This will cut ad cost by 1/3! 2:40  - Sign up for the Audience Magic Webcast here!    Resources Mentioned in this Episode   Powerful Professionals  Facebook Page audiencemagicwebcast.com

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