FSS Episode 494: “Two Tips for Ad Optimization during the Holidays”

11.15.2018 - By Facebook Sales Strategies with Kim Walsh Phillips

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In this episode, Kim Walsh Phillips and Kelly LeMay share their insight into how to course correct your Ads on Facebook for the holiday season. Kelly gets some inside tips from a Facebook Rep and shares the goodies on how to optimize your haywire ads during the holidays.  Key Takeaways! 0:10 -  Kim shares that time is flying by and we are upon Holiday season!  0:30 - Kim talks with Kelly LeMay about getting your Ads going well before the holiday seasons to avoid the stress.  1:10 - Kelly comments about the transition from Holloween to the Holidays. Kelly shares about the beginning of holiday ads and coupons.  2:00 -  Kelly shares that your once well-working ads may start to perform differently during these upcoming holiday seasons.  2:17 - Kelly talks about getting some tips from a Facebook rep. on running ads during the holidays.  2:40 - Tip 1: Check your placement on Desktop or Mobile. Try opening up to all placements 3:40 -  Tip 2: Add a step of retargeting. Warm up the audience a bit more and retarget with an offer, perhaps with a video.  4:15 -  If ads are otherwise going well. Do nothing!  Resources Mentioned in this Episode 3daysto10k.com

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