FSS Episode 498: "What's working right now, when it comes to bidding, and a new campaign idea"

12.31.2018 - By Facebook Sales Strategies with Kim Walsh Phillips

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In this episode, Kim Walsh Phillips shares about the high cost of ads during the holiday, and currently, those holiday prices have dropped. Also, Kim suggests running a “Best of Campaign”   to share your past content, video, without ad cost. Learn more at 3daysto10k.com and Power Video of the Day.  Key Takeaways! 0:20 -  Kim hopes you all have a great Christmas and is very happy to get over the most painful time of the year for advertising.  Kim mentions when trying to place Facebook ads, the holiday is a difficult time of the year to do so.  0:53 -  Kim talks about how ad cost went from $8 to $24 per lead during the time between Thanksgiving and Christmas.  1:10 -  Kim mentions that people in the coaching circle of Powerful Professionals were cautions to hold off on starting a new campaign during the holidays, due to astronomically high ad cost.  1:33 -  Kim is happy to announce that the costs of come down, and now they are some $6 per lead.  Kim mentions they are getting a triple number of leads in pre-day at this costs.  And in the new year, they might increase the daily ad spend to  20% until that level out.     2:19  -  Kim suggests that if you are running campaigns it is good to see if you can scale now and if you haven’t check. It is a good time to see if you can get into the game now.    2:30  -  Kim share about a new campaign they are implementing, she is calling it the “Best of Campaign.” Kim says every 24 hours, they are doing it form 12 pm one day to the next, they are putting up a webinar they did during the year. This is basically 24hours of replay. This is an offer to see a free training video every day with a different topic from 7 of the best of the year.   3:31 -  Kim mentions using Lead Pages, to set up the 7 videos and offers. Kim talks about how they are getting thousands of dollars in sales, with great engagement rates and open rates.  4:15 Kim once again suggest doing a Best of Campaign if you had done Training Video or Webinars in the past year. It is a fantastic way to get more ads in without any ad cost.    Resources Mentioned in this Episode 3daysto10k.com Powerful Professionals  Power Video of the Day Facebook Page

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