FV 120 INTRO: Prince.sse Si Je Veux – Raising humans beyond gender stereotypes (Part 1)

11.01.2020 - By French Voices Podcast | Learn French | Interviews with Native French Speakers | French Culture

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Juliana founded the project "Prince.sse Si Je Veux" to help parents and teachers educate and encourage children between 5 and 12 years old to make their own choices by freeing them from gender stereotypes. You may be surprised to see how ingrained sexism is in our everyday life, and how, despite all our efforts, we as parents may be reinforcing such gender-related clichés - very innocently and subconsciously. It is very important to become aware of this since the way we raise our children often directly impacts their adult life.

In this first part, Juliana talks about her background - both linguistic and professional, and how Prince.sse Si Je Veux was born. (We'll also explain why there's a dot sign in the middle of the first word!)

Make sure you listen to the introduction to learn several interesting French idiomatic expressions!

The related vocabulary list and full transcript are available: support your comprehension and support French Voices Podcast at the same!

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Vocab List
accrocher (fig.) = to get on, get along / to click, to hit it off
câlin (nm) = cuddle
chouchouter = to pamper / to mollycoddle, to go soft on
cloisonner = to divide / to partition / to compartmentalise
course automobile (nf) = motor racing
en rester là = to call it quits, to leave it
être rodé(e) = to be highly experienced
gagne-pain (nm) = breadwinner, main earner
huitante = eighty
ingénieur(e) (n) = engineer
ludique (adj) = playful, fun / recreational
octante = eighty
pancarte (nf) = notice, sign / placard
point barre = full stop, period / end of story!

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