Ep. 146 Gerald Celente: Don’t Mess With Russia

04.10.2014 - By Stansberry Radio - Edgy Source for Investing, Finance & Economics

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This week, Gerald Celente, an American trend forecaster and publisher of The Trends Journal, joins Stansberry Radio.Aaron starts the show by asking Gerald, "What is the one thing that is burning you up about the world?"Get ready... because this gets Gerald fired up for a heated discussion on media headlines and Ukraine.You'll hear Gerald explain why he believes "You don't screw with the Russians."His words will strike a chord in you for sure... It's a show that will make you think twice about the way things are run throughout the world.Gerald believes in "No foreign entanglement," and he touches on the multinationals, the IMF, the European Union, and "slavelandia"Then, Aaron turns the subject to China buying up all the assets in the U.S.The U.S and much of the world are in a fire sale right now... but what is China doing differently?Gerald shares his thoughts and explains how China is building up its internal wealth.It's a wakeup call that we all need to pay attention to.Enjoy!

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