427 GRR-Ripper

08.23.2015 - By Matt's Basement Workshop Video Feed

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It's Safety Week 2010 and it only makes sense for this week's "Try It Tuesday" to be a safety device. A while ago we had a chance to give-away a Micro-Jig GRR-Ripper as part of our monthly schwag drawing. I couldn't just give one away without trying it out for myself, so for total openness...YES I did get one to tryout and talk about on the show. That was several months ago, and in that time I've had a chance to run the GRR-Ripper through it's paces. What are the final results and my thoughts? I LOVE IT! Why do I love it? One very specific reason...I feel safe and in control of my stock while using it. How many times can you say that about a tool that can be the difference between injury and a great day in the shop? To find out more about the GRR-Ripper, visit www.microjig.com. There's quite a few options and accessories for the GRR-Ripper, check them all out for sale at Highland Woodworking.

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