Guided Meditation: Caring for this experience, just as it is.

06.04.2016 - By The Mindfulness Meditation Podcast with Danny Ford

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Welcome to the Mindfulness Meditation Podcast with Danny Ford.

Mindfulness meditation is not a goal-driven practice. When practising meditation you are opening to the natural unfolding of our moment-to-moment experience. You are developing mindful awareness. Mindful awareness is not just any kind of awareness, and it’s not self-consciousness. When awareness is mindful, there’s a quality of care, friendliness, warm-heartedness. There isn’t harshness, self-judgment, or an ongoing commentary about what’s happening.

I encourage you to practice simply and with sincere friendliness and care for what’s happening in your experience, moment-by-moment. May your heart open to your experience, meeting whatever is happening with caring presence.

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