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(Recorded June 24, 2018)
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In this episode, it seems to be darkest before the dawn as Brian and Jack take a closer look at the harsh and risky penultimate chapter of the saga in Spider-Gwen #33.

* 0:00 – Intro; Catching up with recent Miles and Gwen-related news. What the movie could mean for other Spider-Heroes. New stuff to pick up and new titles on the way from the creative team!
* 15:17 – Spider-Gwen #33 – Harsh, relentless, brutal (thank goodness for the lighter bookends). A powerful cover sets the tone for the darkest chapter yet. Navigating transitions and figuring out Gwen’s plan. Speculating on how this could all end (we have no idea).
* 41:40 – Our three word summaries of the issue (and a surprising match!)
* 42:33 – Outro; What did *you* think of this issue (and the trailer)? Let us know! And coming up…

Stuff that we mentioned in this episode:

* The TRAILER!!!!

* Reviews for Spider-Gwen #33
* Robbi Rodriguez relaunches DC Vertigo with Goddess Mode!
* Coming soon in Spider-Geddon: Spider-Ben!
* Miles in Venom #3 by Cates and Stegman
* Venom by Cullen Bunn
* Miles Morales: Ultimate Spider-Man Omnibus
* A Silk movie?
* How big are those pythons?
* Dancing on the Ceiling
* Suicide Squad
* Join the Amazing Spider-Slack! From our friends at the Amazing Spider-Talk podcast!
* Brian visits the Untold Talks of Spider-Man podcast

Also check out:

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* Our “Mary Janes” style theme by Chris Postill at Sounds Like An Earful


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