149: Halloween Challenge Results!

11.18.2014 - By Minecraft Me - SD Video

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Count the votes…1…2….3….hahahahah!  It’s time for the Halloween Challenge Results Show!  See which challenge got first place from the community voting!  We also cover the Minecraft News of the Week, have a Pack Pick, take your questions AND reveal the next Server Challenge!  All this and more!
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Haunted House Results!

This is a haunted house. It is very spooky and I hope you enjoy it. Happy Halloween!

Haunted House/Mansion composed of primarily Nether Brick. Don’t miss each outside detail from the cob webs, fire, Jack o’ Lanterns, and spooky tree coverage to the unique graveyard accompanied by a lava fountain and overgrown grass.
There is a lot to be seen on the inside as well! 3 floors and a sky high tower to an amazing view! Unique light fixtures, 2 fireplaces, several paintings, cobwebs and more jack o’ lanterns giving this home an unsettling spooky feel. Proceed with caution to the the underground floor known as “The Pit of Despair” where you’re sure to get a warm fuzzy feeling.

JenintheMorning & Kiendro
A house which the front is based on the Winchester Mystery House. Traverse the haunted hallways and discover the cause of the disturbance deep in the basement labyrinth. Things can get a bit rough with the number of undead that roam o...

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