S2E07 - Hank After Dark

03.08.2019 - By Of Horse: A BoJack Horseman Fan Cast

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As Diane makes a fuss about the homogeneous insistence from anonymous assistants of a stout lout with generous clout, and the ominous, treasonous, sexual wantonness of Hank Hippopopalous, it's up to us to discuss the omnibus of venomous degradations and allegations surrounding such odious men as Allen, Tyson, Brolin, and Penn. And we're not in such a hurry that we'd overlook Murray. Then we break it up with fun hippo facts for kids and a light chat about novelty albums from celebrities. If you enjoy this show, say thanks to the Master of Cocaine! -- Support Of Horse to get bonus episodes and more!  Hang out with us on Facebook or Tumblr Conrad: @ConradZimmerman Elodie: @ChemyWords Jake: @AtSymbolJake

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