Episode 48 – Happy Cows, How To Make Food Look Beautiful, And Relationship Advice From A Psychotherapist

01.13.2017 - By Jill Blakeway's Grow Cook Heal

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Have you ever thought about how the happiness of a cow could affect the taste of its produce? Jill is revisited by the popular Matt Rebackoff of Murray’s Cheese Shop in New York to talk about the regulation of animal welfare in the cheese-making world and what that means for the cheese that we buy in the supermarket every week. Then Jill heads to uptown Manhattan to cook with food stylist Marilinda Hodgdon. Marilinda has been styling food for over thirty years and has travelled the world to do so. She cooks a dish of cod and asparagus and gives her top tips on food styling for all the budding Instafoodies out there. Finally Jill sits down with psychotherapist and life coach Karol Ward. Jill and Karol discuss the things that couples tend to do that damage their relationship and what can be done to avoid them.

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