Happy Hour: A Shot of Conversation

By Sofia Stanley, Kennelia Stradwick, Emile Ennis Jr.

What's Happy Hour: A Shot of Conversation about?

Happy Hour is a weekly podcast hosted by Sofia Stanley, Emile Ennis Jr. and Kennelia Stradwick, that serves listeners a taste of exactly what happens when a lawyer, a host and a comedian, walk into a cyber bar. Listen as they discuss, argue, dissect, analyze anything and everything including sex, religion and politricks. They rarely agree on anything, except that, sometimes the only thing that gets you through the week is, a shot of conversation. At Happy Hour you BYOB, but the tea is on us.

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Last Call


A lawyer, a host, and a comedian get together for their Last Call on Happy Hour; A Shot of Conversation. This episode they discuss the memorable moments on Happy Hour and mention all the wonderful things ahead for each host. ...

Happy Hour: A Shot of Conversation episodes: