Harassment of UFO Abductees by Our Own Government~Expert Robert Luca Tells All

07.15.2020 - By Supernatural Girlz

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Hear updates tonight from expert/author Robert Luca on government harassment of UFO abductees.  Robert, a witness and abductee himself, has had multiple experiences with being tracked, followed and harassed for over thirty years.  The most startling event was the hacking of Robert's computer by the Department of Defense, which the DOD admitted they had done!

Robert's wife Betty is known world-wide for her highly detailed alien abduction account reported in the NY Times Best-seller, The Andreasson Affair and recent book A Lifting of the Veil.  Many of Betty's predictions given to her by the ETs have come true.

If you were harassed like this by your own government what would you do? Hear the incredible, true story about what happens when the G - men find out you've had an alien encounter. Don't miss this one!

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