Hardening Soft Targets Pt. 1 | Gun Talk Nation

06.08.2022 - By Gun Talk

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In the first of the two-part series, Gun Talk’s Ryan Gresham and Chris Cerino discuss the concept of allowing school educators and employees to be armed if they choose. In the aftermath of the Uvalde elementary school attack, schools moving from unarmed soft targets to armed hard targets has once again come up for national debate. Chris is a renowned firearms trainer, former LE/SWAT & Federal Air Marshal, and has first hand experience training teachers. From prevention, mindset and tactics, to harsh realities and deep concealment, this Gun Talk Nation is worth your time. This Gun Talk Nation is brought to you by Leupold, Silencer Central, Faxon Firearms, Remington Ammunition, and Ballistic Advantage. Copyright ©2022 Freefire Media, LLC Gun Talk Nation 06.08.22

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