Heaven’s Lounge: Soarin’ Above The Clouds

By DJ Peter Canellis

What's Heaven’s Lounge: Soarin’ Above The Clouds about?

Heaven\'s Lounge: Soarin\' Above The Clouds. Let me transport you from your bed to a sunrise in warm Ibiza with the waves crashing. Visit my new podcast Heaven\'s Trance. Great Music for chillin\', for thinking, for moving, be it running, walking, biking, hiking, or better yet sitting in your favorite chair. HL is a great source for new music. Downtempo, trip hop, spacey with beat, progressive house, balearic tribal, progressive trance, uplifting trance, exotic electronica, dub step, ambient anything goes. HL is elegant, sophisticated, intelligent, trippy, introspective, contemplative, sexy, magical, uplifting and always in great taste. Read the reviews on my website. www.djcanellis.com. Heavens Lounge II is a place were you can let all your emotions be free. Be prepared to experience love, sadness, wonder, desire and hope..... let all worries begone. Close your eyes and find your inner peace. Relax and let you mind fly. Enjoy the musical journey. Now, Come and Enter the Realm of Dj Peter Canellis a.k.a St. Peter
For general information or to just chat email [email protected] or visit www.heavenslounge.com/www.djcanellis.com

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No Warning Lights


Powerful Melodic House/Tech mix. Great for running but can be used for all types of exercise.

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