4.5 Heckler feat. Ian Stone - Ray Peacock - Morten Wichmann - Celia Pacquola - Daniel Sloss -Pappy’s

01.25.2015 - By Comedians Telling Stuff Podcast

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Heckler comes from the latin word ‘hecklarus’ which means ‘really annoying and often stupid audience member who interrupts a otherwise perfectly funny comedy shows to provide comments that will essentially throw the comedian and the whole show off, what a prick’.

In this fifth episode of the fourth season of Comedians Telling Stuff, the six comedians will tell their favourite heckler-stories.

Once more, you will meet the awesome comedians Ian Stone, Ray Peacock, Morten Wichmann, Celia Pacquola, Daniel Sloss and Pappy’s.

I am, as always, your host Sofie Hagen and for the first time, I have not edited out my mistakes in the intro.

You’re welcome.

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