2 Henry VI 101

04.22.2019 - By The Hurly Burly Shakespeare Show!

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Have you wondered lately, “When will Whamlet get back to the thrilling saga of Henry VI?” Wonder no more, because this week we bring you 2 Henry VI 101, the much-anticipated sequel to 1 Henry VI where more people die and the Yorks and Lancasters still totally hate each other. The Rhetorical Device of the Week is prosopopoeia (aka personification); the Burbage Break is all about catch words in early modern printing practices; we (or rather, Richard of York) catch you up on the family tree; Aubrey plays a round of Line Roulette; we shout out some awesome fan mail; and (insert drumroll here) we announce THE WINNER of the #DickBracket. This episode is about as action-packed as Jack Cade’s rebellion and twice as entertaining. #yourewelcome

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