Herbs and Menopause Relief- help thru Nature

05.16.2013 - By MagnificentMenopause

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Dawn Combs grew up in Central Ohio and went to college there. She was always attracted to plants and in college was drawn to learning about the phytochemical compounds within them that are used for medicine. It was there that she became fascinated with how this knowledge was gained and transmitted from one generation to another before modern society came into being. Dawn graduated with a B.A. in Botany and Humanities Classics and it was a logical next leap for her to then apprentice with herbal medicine Icon, Rosemary Gladstar, which she did. Dawn is now considered to be a community herbalist of a folkloric nature. She believes the knowledge of using plants for health is a birthright we all share, not something to be meted out with an appointment time and a prescription pad. To that end she is passionate about teaching the basics to an ever widening circle of new family herbalists. She specializes in consulting with women who wish to rebalance their body naturally for fertility and overall health purposes and more in depth health issues. Dawn’s farm, ‘Mockingbird Meadows’ offers the area’s first Medicinal Herbs CSA.   In this day and age, it is becoming vitally important that we as individuals get back into the driver’s seat when it comes to our health. Dawn believes in empowering people to trust and know their own bodies and use the plants that are all around us to support optimal health and well-being and she joins us today to talk about the many beneficial herbs and plants that have been known throughout the ages for easing Menopause-related illnesses and issues!

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