Episode 26 - Hitman got a job and lives in L.A. now

09.29.2018 - By Conversing In Vain

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Recorded on 9-11

Hitman and Woodworking are both exhausted

Things are looking way up for Hitman, finally

Conversing In Vain meetup

Wood started gambling

We're gonna play Blops (Black Ops 4)

IraqiZorro himself joined

Elon Musk on the Joe Rogan Experience

Elon's tweet that by the time of the release of this podcast, got the SEC to file charges against him.

Dun Rite Games

Friends that you spend a lot of time with while playing games or working together but drift apart from after you lose that place of connection

Because this episode was recorded on 9-11 we start talking about conspiracy theories from 9-11

War games in Asia

News is bull shit

The problem with facebook

New iphone

Stephen King books are much darker than the movies and shows made about them

Honda Civics and SmartCars


Revisit In N Out vs Whataburger

Designer Bags

New games

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