How Hippie Are You? 2BB 045

08.03.2015 - By 2 Boomer Broads Podcast

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Broadcast from the Self Realization Center in Malibu
This is a podcast you really have to listen to, but below are some of the highlights.

The Broads talk about “How Hippie Are You?” Have you seen those quizzes on Facebook? According to the test, Sharone is 34% hippie and Rebecca 62%. Sharone was flabbergasted that she didn’t receive a higher score. She thinks she lost points because she wasn’t a follower of the Grateful Dead.
How active were you in the 60’s and 70’s in the world of politics? Did you attend Peace Rallies? Were you born yet?
When Woodstock came out both Broads (born in 1953) were in the 9th grade. Sharone went to Culver City High School in West LA. She says Culver City was like Mayberry. It had its own mayor and a small town feel, back then.
Rebecca was in the OC. (that’s short for Orange County about 1 hour from LA) She went to Costa Mesa High School. Even though the OC is known to be right winged, Rebecca’s high school was pretty outrageous. It was near the beach so it had classes like Beach Sports and Writing about Fantasy and Science Fiction. Kids smoked pot in the fields and hung all over each other.
Sharone was involved in politics but when there was a peace rally she was the usher. She didn’t think anyone she knew had ever smoked pot or LSD. (the poor thing was naïve)
Rebecca’s high school had a junior college right across the street so they could walk over and join their peace rallies.
Both Broads did Modern Dance in high school. Sharone also learned folk dancing.
Does “How Hippie You Are” have to do with your mindset?
Rebecca dressed more like a mod wearing mini-dresses 10 inches above her knee. Her mother made all her clothes. Girls had to wear dresses to school, although with mini-skirts so short, their schools relaxed their policies and let them wear pants. (they wanted them to be covered up) Both Broads were allowed to wear pants in 10th grade.
Sharone preferred comfortable clothes. (no bra, sandals, pants, etc.)
Rebecca and Sharone hung out with the drama crowd when they were in school. At Rebecca’s school there were the popular kids (cheerleaders, etc.), the drama freaks, and the Parlor – (the artsy more hippie types.) Some went on to work at the Renaissance Faire and worked there for most of their lives.
Sharone’s hippie experience wasn’t about turn on, tune in, drop out, it was more about social activism.  Rebecca didn’t get wild until college. (she tells a story about a clothing optional place she went to in the desert. (LISTEN IN!)
Both Rebecca and Sharone avoided drugs. Some of Rebecca’s friends were into it though. Sharone hung out with more “straight laced hippie types.”  Rebecca tells stories about “trying” some drugs. (LISTEN IN) Sharone says she and her friends didn’t do drugs, they did hors d’oeuvres.
Did you ever get drunk on Boone’s Farm Apple Wine?
Rebecca and her friends made Felliniesque home movies. Some were a bit risqué.
Sharone got into doing macramé.
Rebecca used to go to South Coast Plaza, now one of the biggest malls in America to visit the Indian Store (Raj of India) where they had madras fabrics, glow in the dark posters, and incense.
Sharone didn’t wear makeup.

Rebecca had a Sassoon haircut in 9th grade and when she graduated.
Rebecca eventually grew out her hair.  Just FYI, her hair is exactly like that now.
What makes you a hippie?
Sharone says its being a free spirit. She feels she’s somewhat of a humanist and wants other people’s lives to be better. Equal rights for people who need them.
Sharone talks about why we protested the war and Rebecca discusses treatment of Vets. (LISTEN IN)
In the 60’s there were daisy stickers on everything. They were called Ricky Ticky Stickies.

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