How I Manifested My Dream Home In Less Than 24 Hours : Episode 231

06.30.2020 - By A Taylored Adventure To Happiness

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Text the word JOURNAL to 202-217-0704 to receive journal prompts & to connect 1:1 with me!! YES that’s my # and it’s ME! Download The Tap into the Frequency of Money FREE Meditation here! Come say hi over on Instagram Join The Abundant Life Experience for a week for only $1 here In Today Episode You Will Learn: Signs from the universe When things aren’t aligning  What matters the most Trusting the voice Projecting into a future timeline  Downplaying road bumps  Healing the loss of your energetic timehop  Making space for what is meant for you Forgive and cut the energetic cord You get to have it all Allow yourself to be taken care of and supported by the universe Appreciate what you currently have   Shownotes: Today we are talking about how I manifested my dream home in less than 24 hours. This episode is full of life lessons and serves as a reminder on why trusting the universe is  key to creating the life you want. We tap into projecting future timelines, healing the loss of 7 energetic years, and even realigning with what matters the most to you. Sometimes, you need to forgive and cut energetic cords with people in order to make space for what is truly meant for you. 

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