How To Beat Approach Anxiety By Being A Man (My Final Thoughts On Approach Anxiety)

03.23.2016 - By The Original Hardcore Self-Improvement Community

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2:00 Approach Anxiety Doesn't Exist (Introduction)
4:00 Can Everyone Beat Approach Anxiety? Who is Successful?
8:00 Beat Approach Anxiety by Simply Having Some Self-Respect
16:50 Beat Approach Anxiety by Actually Wanting to Get Laid (Scotty)
21:04 Try Your Best to Forget About AA and Just Get Laid
26:46 Don't Try to Be Smooth
31:13 Try to Stop Caring About "Feeling Social"
36:15 Social Freedom is Earned (Be Proud of Yourself)
38:50 Conclusion (Have Some Self-Respect and Be a MAN)

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