035 - How to choose the right ecommerce platform for your online store?

02.25.2015 - By The Launch Grow Joy Show

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There are lots of ways to sell your products online. You can use Craigslist, Etsy, Ebay, Amazon, SmugMug, and similar ecommerce platforms. Or, you can create your own online store, which we recommend. In this podcast, we will show you why you need your own store and how to choose the right ecommerce platform for your business.
Before we start comparing shopping cart software solutions, what you really need to know is the why. Why do you need your own online store when there are plenty of online marketplaces that do most of the heavy lifting for you? There are many reasons, but in this podcast we'll explore the top three.
For a full list of ecommerce platforms that we evaluated, please visit the show notes at www.launchgrowjoy.com/035


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