How to Drastically Improve Your Intuition & How Planet Earth Has Shaped Who You Are

08.22.2019 - By Something You Should Know

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Your shoulders speak volumes. It turns out how you hold your shoulders telegraphs a message to the world as to what kind of person you are. This episode begins with a discussion about who your shoulders say you really are.

At some point you have probably listened to your intuition. It’s a gut feeling. You know you should or shouldn’t do something even though you don’t know why you know it. That’s what is called intuition. But is it a real thing? Can you trust it? Or is intuition just wishful thinking or merely a hunch? And if it is a real thing, how do we make better use of it? Joining me to discuss that is Rick Snyder, author of the book Decisive Intuition. (

 If you have ever gone on a diet, you probably had the experience that – it didn’t work. However, there are some ways that, according to science, really do work to help take and keep body weight off. Listen as I discuss what those techniques are.

You probably tend to think of the earth as a stage on which human history has unfolded. What is so interesting is that our planet is also a major player in human history. It has had profound impacts on everything in ways you likely never considered. Lewis Dartnell explores this in his book Origins: How Earth's History Shaped Human History ( and he joins me for a fascinating discussion about what he discovered.

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