How to Finally Win the Shame Game | Ep 43

11.10.2015 - By Inspiring Mama | A Happiness Podcast For Moms & Dads

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What if we didn’t use shame to motivate ourselves? 
Host Lauren Fire talks about the shame she’s been struggling with lately and teaches you a step-by-step process to transform your relationship with shame. Learn how to move from shame into appreciation and sef-acceptance. 

“You can hate your decision and not hate yourself. You have that choice.” - Lauren Fire
In this episode, you will learn a new tool you can use to architect your inner world. What would it look like NOT to punish yourself when you make a mistake? What would it be like to say: “Yes, I made a decision and I don’t like the consequences. But so what!”  Can you can accept yourself anyway?

There are no “wrong” decisions, only consequences. Some we like, some we don’t. Either way, once you make a decision, it’s in the past. Shame only creates more suffering in the moment. If we can learn how to turn to appreciation and self-acceptance in the face of shame, we can create a positive feeling state that will counter the negative. 
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